Floral arrangements and compositions for weddings and events


Mada, the event style

In our laboratory in Milan, in a typical Milanese courtyard, in a quiet neighbourhood far from the city roar, we design and realise floral arrangements and decorations for events and weddings, for private, public and corporate customers

Fitting design for events and exclusive weddings  

When the initial request has been accepted, our work is to propose sartorial solutions focused on the customer. Helped by our project manager, our team of creative develops the first proposals defining the style of the event, the theme around which the definitive project will develop.

loral arrangements and decorations for weddings and classy event

Thanks to a multiannual experience in the sector of flower design, we focus on originality, that touch of Italian style able to give a unique atmosphere to your event or wedding. Defined the style, we create exclusive floral compositions. From the traditional flower bouquet to highly developed floral compositions.
Each single creation expresses a precise message. Nothing is left to chance, the proposal and the floral association will fully correspond to the choice of the decorative elements.

In particular, we take care of: 

  • Wrapping of flower bouquet for weddings, graduation parties, birthdays, theme parties
  • Floral arrangements for weddings, baptisms and ceremonies
  • Arrangements at the Church with exclusive proposal of floral decorations in occasion of weddings, baptisms and ceremonies
  • ad hoc floral compositions for weddings, ceremonies and parties.

Thematic arrangements

MADA team, always careful to the trends of the moment, suggests and realizes thematic arrangements researching objects and furniture items  for your events.
We search everywhere, always looking for the perfect item. Little markets, vintage shops, little artisanal reality. Our ideas take shape there; and if the perfect item doesn’t exist, we tailored it!

Tailor-made furniture items for arrangements  

We have particularly at heart the unicity of accessories that we use for the realization of our projects. Every item has its story, tell about it and about the world.  And each story merits to be told. For this reason, we are always searching the ideal item, what alone can give unicity to each arrangement.

Location proposal

Milan is our town and headquarters. In our showroom are born our projects of arrangements and suggestion of flower design to offer class and elegance to every kind of event. The choice of    location is only a start point: Lombard lakes, Tuscan countryside, Astigiano hills, Amalfi Coast for wedding. Theatres, museums, showrooms for public events. The choice of the location depends on the specific request of the customer, or sometimes even from a suggestion.

Furniture set up and mise en place

Each detail can make the difference. From the choice of the floral mood, the scenography and the decoration of the table. We propose you design or vintage items, unique items and the latest trends. Our research is to define characterising elements, able to get unicity to your event.

Service and logistics

We work in order that all information between the parties are efficient. Transportation, arrangements, delivery are ruled by our logistic team, because also an unforeseen event becomes foreseeable and always solvable.