Davide Bandiera

Founding partner of MADA together with Massimo Pilastro.

He is the creative component of the team, the person who gives form and substance to the event.

The meeting with Massimo Pilastro marks the beginning of MADA.

They were friends ever since the school times, they thought to work together on a new project, that could joint the experience of Massimo as florist and the competence of Davide in events arrangement.

Davide doesn’t know the world of flowers, but immediately, it becomes a passion.  In MADA, he brings his creativity and great energy and his intellectual brilliance.

He becomes one of the two core elements, indispensable for the team and for the same customers.

He is curious, precise and careful. Every detail shall be in its place so that the whole results perfect.

His brain is a whirlwind of ideas and as every creative genius, he doesn’t get tied up in stereotypes, leaving free room for imagination.