Exotic arrangement for a dreamful Bar Mitzvah

Mangrove and walls covered with climbing plants are the framework to a naturalistic event, where the rainforest is the protagonist.

Bar Mitzvah, is a Jewish coming of age ritual, traditionally at the age of 13 years for boys and 12 years for girls.

To celebrate this important festivity, the scenery and the contest of the event must expressly re-call the atmosphere of a rainforest, in honour of Venezuela, where the roots of the family come from.

The element water has been the key element of the event, thought as a real immersive experience

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The floral arrangement has been realized in single decorative scenes, little coloured pictures, with flowers and typical plants of the tropical areas.
Among mangrove and walls covered with climbing plants, the naturalistic effect was right on target.
Tastes, sounds, perfumes, in a whirlwind of senses and emotions.

Everything decorated by the visual, tactile and hearing presence of the characteristic and coloured parakeets of the rainforest area.