Gala dinner at teatro Franco Parenti in Milan

The contemporary marries the most classical tradition in the arrangement of an exceptional fashion event.

In occasion of Milano Unica, the unmissable event and point of reference for the textile sector, the customer’s request was an arrangement of a gala dinner for a small circle of top client.

Inside a fascinating framework of the Teatro Franco Parenti, an elegant and sought-after atmosphere.

Intimate and discrete at the same time, in accordance with the standards of style of the brand.

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The challenge consisted of transforming a situation potential cold and aseptic in a warm and lively situation, that favoured the confrontation among the guests.
In order to achieve the aim, we took advantage the contemporaneity of the context adding particular decorative elements: tailored chandeliers, design tables, vintage sofas 60’s  and other cult items.

The result was a mix of colours and furniture for an important decorative impact.