Dahlia is absolutely one of our favourite
flowers. Every year, we wait for their season,
unfortunately very short, to be able to propose 
to our customers projects designed to 
enhance their beauty.

At a Fendi gala dinner last year, we built a 24-meter long centrepiece made of 400 small glass vases and 1500 dahlia plates.  7 varieties of them with shades of pink, beige and burgundy were chosen, all of them with poetic names: «Café au lait», «Arabian night», «Dianna’s Memory», etc.

The dahlia is a very delicate flower, and its processing should be «live» performed on the day of the event to reduce transport damages.

In this case, a prompt team of different florists is active just 3 hours before the arrival of the guests, ensuring the maximum beauty of this fragile flower.

The success of a project like this is also the result of the trust we have in our flower supplier. It is essential to rely on partners able to handle requests with professionalism and especially engaged in the search for the most valuable varieties.